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During the second world war in one of the palaces of Tsarskoye Selo, a group of Soviet soldiers found a room decorated in a frank erotic style. According to witnesses , one of the walls was entirely hung with wooden phalluses of various shapes, a range of chairs, desks, and screens all decorated with pornographic images supplementing the whole appearance. Soldiers didn’t loot anything or destroy anything there, on the contrary, they made a dozen of documentary photos.

Most of the pictures were lost in the fire of war, but some of Hermitage personnel also confirm the existence of the parlour, noting that Catherine the Great even made a bodouir for Platon Zubov, but it’s unlikely that it could reached the 20th century. It is also known that the collection of erotic art belonged to the Romanov family was catalogued in 1930s . The evidences indicate that the objects were only shown to a selection of visitors. But the catalogue was lost. Like the whole entire collection, it was allegedly destroyed in 1950. However this small selection of photographs still exist:


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Joan Jett photographed by Brad Elterman at the Tropicana Motel 1978 (x)

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17. This quaint cabin was built with a unique combination of reclaimed metal and wood. As one of the cabin rentals at Blue Moon Rising, an ecotourist retreat in Garrett County, Maryland, Kaya offers a beautiful and cozy spot for a getaway. Nestled among the pines, the cabin is close to the community fire pit.

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We stayed somewhere like this last time we were in the high places. No TV, no radio, just the sound of the mountain.

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Nice and Rough - © April-lea Hutchinson


Nice and Rough - © April-lea Hutchinson